This year, the Galatea Foundation is organising the Galatea Art Prize together with the Dordrechts Museum for the first time.
At the end of 2022, artists who recently had to flee their country, were called to apply for the Galatea Art Prize 2023.
The Dordrechts Museum and the Galatea Foundation are enormously pleased with the many applications.
A jury has selected eight artists who will have a chance to win the Galatea Art Prize 2023.
From 25 March to September 3,  the work of Berkay Tuncay, Marfa Vasilieva, Mohammad Abou Chair, Natalia Olhova, Natalia Grezina, Noor Issa, Tasha Arlova and Vita Buivid will be on display in a joint exhibition at the Dordrechts Museum.

Visitors to the museum can get to know these wide- ranging talents and also choose a favourite.


The foundation also supports  talented, less fortunated musicians  (Galatea Music)

In 2022 we started with a course in (Dutch) Art history at Asylum centers Galatea Academy.

We believe that art offers  opportunities to integrate into and enrich our society. The support from the Galatea Foundation is aimed at promoting the quality of art in our society.

Jaap Versteegh and Joke van Veen founded the Galatea Foundation. With this foundation they want to share their love for art with new Dutch people of  recently settled Dutch people who want to build their existence as artists here, so that they have the opportunity to establish themselves as an artist. Art connects and goes beyond borders.

The Foundation corporates with De Werkelijkheid, a diverse artists-collective of all disciplines gathered here from around the world.

The Galatea Foundation is a Culturele ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling).
If you have a warm heart for our foundation, donations are more than welcome. Donors of cultural ANBIs have an extra tax advantage, because an extra donation deduction applies to them.
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In the name of Stichting Galatea, Maarssen