Application 2023

Cooperation with the Dordrecht Museum
We are pleased to announce that from 2023 we will be cooperate with the Dordrecht Museum. The Galatea exhibition and associated Art Prize will then take place at the Dordrecht museum.
More information can also be found on the Galatea page of the Dordrechts museum (in Dutch).

Deadline for registration is January 8, 2023.

You can register via the registration form at the bottom of this page.

The Galatea Foundation only handles applications that have been submitted digitally.
The required application form can be found at the bottom of this page.

To apply for participation, you must consider the following:

  1. Your application must fit within the objectives of our fund and check the conditions to apply on the page: Galatea Prize General. If in doubt, contact the foundation via
  2. You should take into account that the treatment time will take at least 2 weeks.
  3. You must complete the application form completely, so without references to correspondence.
  4. You must own a Dutch bank account number.
  5. Accommodation costs are generally not eligible for refund.
  6. Only individuals are eligible for the prize.
  7. In addition to completing the application form, you must enclose the following documentation:
    – A brief letter with motivation (maximum 1 A4)
    – A brief CV (max. 2 A4)
    – Documentation of projects already completed and/or catalog of your work 
       (at least five images of recent work must be included, be aware that):
       – the maximum file size per document is 2 mb.
    – Please submit your CV and motivation as a PDF file. Documents with the .docx format will not be taken into consideration 
  8. When awarding the prize, the applicant must state the name of the foundation in its promotion.
  9. When the prize is awarded, the applicant must submit images and text material for the archive and website of the Galatea Foundation no later than 3 weeks after the end of the project.

 Apply for the Galatea Art Prize 2023 is after the 8 of January not longer possible